You’re better off not knowing what you’re letting yourself into, at times. Because if you did, you’d probably be afraid to keep going.

And, at times, you do something you never expected to be capable of – just because you never tried doing it before.

Pádraig never tried to lie on his back, pull his feet up to his bum, press the feet down into the ground and lift up his bum.

Today he did it. UP and DOWN.


Not just once, but five times in a row. A first and what a great achievement!

I have started to prepare my presentation for the RehaCare Fair in Germany. 20 minutes of fame, together with Daniela who invited me to join her. It’ll be about charting a course into a new life. One course charted for Pádraig by the system. Another course charted by himself. With two different outcomes. And two different lives. And one conclusion: there is no justification, absolutely none, for the current practice that “maintains” persons with severe acquired brain injury in nursing homes to continue.