This was Pádraig’s door this morning at just after 5am in Lourdes. Someone had tried to make the doors look really welcoming over the past few days.

Pádraig did have an excellent team there to help him enjoy the stay and to get a feeling of independence from the ‘usual suspects’. There was an incredible level of trust on all sides and a heartfelt determination to make this work for all involved. No blind trust. But earned. From the people who prepared the food, helped him to eat, assisted him to get washed, even to have a shower, to get dressed, to turn in the bed during the night, to participate in processions and masses.

Someone said this was a parallel reality we left behind there this morning. What we should take along with us is a portion of the “looking after each other”, with a smile or even a laughter on our faces and lips.

Someone else said that when we feel bad or sad, we should look for someone who is worse off then we are, and then – do something for them! And we ourselves will feel better – believe it ot or not!