Pádraig didn’t get up, he did not throw his wheelchair into the Gave and walked away. The thing is, miracles ain’t happening like that. They are more subtle and they take their time. Sometimes, a miracle happens right in front of your eyes and because you’re so busy or distracted, it passes straight by without you noticing that it happened.

Pádraig is really happy here. He really enjoys the company of all the exceptional, beautiful people who are helping him to get dressed, to eat and drink, to attend the events, and to get back to bed at nighttime. People who tell him about their lives and who talk to him in Irish. It’s just the first day today and the only time that I have to be there with him is when he’s getting up in the morning and when he’s going to sleep in the evening. In between, what I am doing is not more than checking in with him and his crew.

After one day, that is an awful lot, both on behalf of the carers who have the confidence and Pádraig who has the trust.

In my mind, this is (another) slow-moving but highly significant miracle.

There are miracles happing all the time. We just have to open our eyes and our minds to notice them.