“If you look the right way, the whole world is a garden”, Mary concludes in the “Secret Garden“. It’s “the one place where miracles grow”.

Although the door to the secret garden was locked today and guarded by a fierce hound, the garden we were privileged to spend a few hours in today was full of beauty and magic.

There were people there who had gone to school with Pádraig, there were many old friends, and there were people Pádraig and us had never met before.

They had all been invited by Marie and here family who had worked for months to make this day truly special.

Many people had made cakes and sandwiches, many had brought in gifts for the great raffle. All to raise funds for “Caring for Pádraig”, a fund set up and managed independently from our family to support Pádraig’s rehabilitation,

It’s worth remembering that Pádraig does not receive any rehab therapy at all from the HSE. Without the incredible efforts of Marie and her family, without them organising an annual fundraiser, Pádraig would not have made the progress he has been making.

So on behalf of Pádraig and my family, I would like to thank Marie and her family and all of Pádraig’s friends (old and new) who spent time preparing today’s wonderful coffee morning and who donated so generously to the “Caring for Pádraig” fund. Rest assured that every cent will be spent directly to support Pádraig’s rehabilitation programme which could not be delivered to him was it not for your generosity.

Today, the doors to the secret garden were wide open and everybody was able to discover “the one place where miracles grow”.

Thanks you to Marie ad here family and thank you to all