Never had a day like today. And most likely will never have one like it as long as I live.

The highlight was a Dean reading out in front of 1,000 people, colleagues, students and their families, including my own, over more than 10 minutes, with me standing and sweating on the stage, the reasons why the University had decided to give me this award of excellence for services in the community. I nearly died during those minutes.

Apart from those never-ending embarrassing minutes, it was a day that I am really grateful for. And I am grateful, with all my heart, to all the fabulous people who made The Rosetta Foundation and the An Saol Foundation possible (check out my wonderful colleague Tabea de Wille’s article on LinkedIn); and, of course and above all, to my family for their encouragement and support. It is them who give me the energy, it is them who make me continue when I’m about to give up; it is them who encourage me not to give up and do what many would consider to be the impossible; and it is them who do a lot of the work. Neither The Rosetta Foundation nor the An Saol Foundation would have gone anywhere, they would not have achieve anything without them.

We all had a great day, from getting up in the morning all excited, to the drive up to Limerick, to meetings and lunch in UL, the award ceremony, and meeting many of my old friends who I am missing.

Tonight, half way between Limerick and Dublin, we had a small family celebration. And Pádraig, tired as he was after a long day, was in great form. How happy I am that he was able to hear today that he is the inspiration behind An Saol and even gave the foundation its name.

Tonight was a happy day. A day out. – Back to ‘normal’ tomorrow:)