The general idea is that whatever happens to your feet, it can be felt and is connected directly to the rest of your body, and especially your upper body, including your face.

There is an absolutely brilliant OT in the North of Germany, just a few kilometres down the road from Tating, who has seen and worked with Pádraig a few times now, each time over a number of sessions, trying out slightly different approaches, most of them based on the methods and approaches developed by the Argentinian rehab doctor and specialist Castillo Morales.

Today, she worked with Pádraig’s feet, starting with a huge box full of cherry cores (or: Kirschkerne) – which are sold in big bags on the internet.


It’s incredible to see what those cherry cores can kick-off, how they feel on your feet, and how they can work not just with your feet, but with your senses. When Pádraig moved his feet through those cores, when he grabbed them with his hand, held on to them, and then opened his hand slowly to let them ‘rain’ back into the box – he was wide awake and alert. You could see the effort it took him to move his feet through the cores, how they stimulated not just his feet, but how that stimulation worked its way up through his whole body. It was like magic.

And as many of the most effective things we have encountered: it couldn’t be simpler.