Don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did, looking like a true survivor.

I can’t resist the rhythm of this song. Each time I hear it, it makes me dance. In a kinda funny way. Try it yourself. Listen to it. And if you want to watch the most wonderful weird amazing and strange video while listening to the song, choose this version.

Pádraig has been (still) standing a lot over the past years. Because standing is one of the most important activities for human beings. Ultimately, it keeps us alive. Looking at it the other way ’round: if you don’t stand and instead just stay in bed, long enough, you’ll die. It might take 7 years or so. But you’ll most definitely die. It’s that simple.

The other day, Pádraig and I were standing. Looking like a true survivor, he was.

And then, for the first time, Pádraig stood again, this time all by himself. He had some help and support to do so, we were close by to assist when it was necessary, and he just managed for a short while – but he did it. He stood there without any of us helping or assisting him. Nobody to lean on.

Pretty spectacular.