Today, I attended another part of a course running these days in the Therapy Centre’s educational centre. It was about breathing and eating. What they are teaching to the professionals here is what we have learned in a very unstructured non-scientific way over the past five years. And there are parts I wasn’t aware of. Breathing for Pádraig, and others in his situation, is way more complex than it is for us. Eating even more. How is it than that anybody can be employed by a care agency in Ireland to help persons with severe problems around eating and drinking to eat and to drink? Isn’t that negligent?

The Burgau Therapy Centre is getting ready for their huge “Sommerfest” taking place this coming Friday.

In the afternoon, I had an hour-long meeting with a neuropsychologist working in the therapy centre part-time. The rest of his time he works at the University of Munich on Project HOPE concerned with outcome prediction in hypoxia. I had never spent that much time with a neuropsychologist and while I had been ‘kinda’ aware ot their work and its importance, this hour nearly blew my mind. This is about bringing the brain functions and training into the rehabilitation process that are not covered by goals in physio, OT or speech and language therapies. It’s about ‘brain training’ which is at least as important as the physical training, but is often completely ignored.

In the early evening, Pádraig and I went shopping. Stuff for us, and stuff for Pat who will be coming back to Burgau late this evening with a good old friend of ours. I’m sure, Pádraig can’t wait to see some other familiar faces than mine. I can’t wait for them to arrive here either. But, over the past week or so, I spent tons of time with Pádraig, time often occupied by things that need to be done. Time to listen to music, the news, and ‘Into the Wild’. Time to talk without anybody interrupting. It was tiring on one hand to look after Pádraig’s personal care, helping him to eat and drink, and trying to do some of my own stuff too. But these were some of the nicest days we’ve had with each other. In this ‘in the middle of nowhere’ town Burgau and its truly outstanding therapy centre.