Today, Pádraig’s “Power of Positivity” made it onto the title page of YOU Magazine, together with “mean girls” and “Netflix ruining our sex life”. A whole new different context to talk about the power of neuro rehabilitation. But – why not?

Back in Burgau —

Pádraig had an hour of therapy today – something that is not a given on a Saturday, even in a first class rehab centre like Burgau. Most of it was about positioning Pádraig in bed so that he is both ‘stable’ and feels safe but can, at the same time, move if he so likes. There is so much to learn from nearly every person we meet.

I was also invited to join some sessions of a multi-day course in F.O.T.T. (Facial-Oral Tract Therapy) the educational centre attached to the therapy centre is running these days. It was a true eye-opener in very many ways. Some of the trainers worked with the lady who developed F.O.T.T.,, Kay Coombes, and were an example not just of knowledge and experience but also brilliant in sharing it with and passing it on to the participants in the best, really the only way of doing this: through experiencing it themselves (as far as that is possible).

What became clear is that it has to be a pre-requisite for anybody ‘feeding’ someone with a severe acquired brain injury and especially someone who is non-verbal to have F.O.T.T. training. Anything else can be dangerous and damaging.

One function of the An Saol Project will be to organise that kind of training for all who need it. – The course will continue over that next few days and I’m looking forward to participate in more sessions.