Felt like as if I hadn’t slept at all when I got up at 4 am this morning. A few hours later we got onto the DART-type S-Bahn to get us to the Hauptbahnhof. From there, it was a regional train to Burgau where, as you will remembers from our spring time journey, you cannot get off the train if you’re coming from Munich. So we had to continue a few stops down the line to Günsburg where I had to fix the lift to get us down from the our platform to a level where we could cross. Wait. And get another train back to Burgau and to a platform from where we could leave the station.

A few things happened to day that I might have missed just being busy… one thing was when we went out for dinner, just 100 metres down the road where we are staying in Burgau just for tonight (the apartment we rented for the coming three weeks in not wheelchair accessible and the Therapiezentrum cold not admit Pádraig today).. Burgau is a tiny town. The bar / restaurant we went to reflected that everybody knew everybody else.

Pádraig’s Schnitzel-Dinner tonight!

When we arrived at 7 pm to have a beer (we are in Bavaria after all) and a bite to eat, all tables were taken. But then this elderly couple got up from the nicest seats and tables in the restaurant and offered it to Pádraig – who duly went on to have a Bavarian beer with German Schnitzel!

TheJournal.ie continued with their reporting of Pádraig’s trip to Boston and put together a short video!

And so did a local Brewster website reporting on a long email they received from the Chief of Brewster Police, following Pádraig’s visit back to the Cape.

Police advance efforts toward bicycle safety

BREWSTER — Last week Padraig Schaler and his family, along with friends and supporters, returned to Brewster from Ireland for the first time since a …

Head is hitting the keyboard. Good night!