Here is a video my phone put together. I have no idea how it did it. None.


There’s no therapist in sight. There is no-one encouraging Pádraig to move his arm, his hand, a finger, his leg or foot – not even his head. Yet, this video is full of smooth moves and full of spectacular ‘firsts’.

A lot of what Pádraig experienced last week is in there: the walk from the Police Department to the spot of the accident. The encounter with the jogger who performed CPR five years ago. The sign we had put on the roadside two years ago which was resurrected by an unknown friend and placed with a solid metal stick screwed on to it into a prominent roadside ‘garden’. Breakfast in the garden/house of a good friend (Pádraig had met for the first time). The visit to the Brewhouse for Pizza and Beer with his two friends who had been with him in Cape Cod five years ago. A visit to the house he and his friends had stayed, beside a beautiful lake with some ‘lake chairs’ still waiting for their return. Dinner at Gerardi’s Cafe, where the owner and staff welcomed him with open arms and open hearts. And a quick shot of the car we had rented after much difficulties in which he could sit right beside me in the passenger seat position.

PS: I lied a little earlier when I said that my phone prepared the video with no input by myself. I did pick the background music theme: happy. Hope you like it.

Went swimming today and Pádraig managed to stand on one side of the pool, holding on to the bar, all by himself, with me just helping him a little to keep his head up straight. Something unthinkable only a few months ago.