#SaolWalk   #PadraigsWalk

The waiting is over. Tomorrow (really: today) we’ll get up early, get ready, and make our way to the airport. It’ll be a long flight, the longest Pádraig has been on for five years.

There will be a few people who will be going with us, walking on the Cape, and walking in spirit. – If you want to join us on Wednesday and want to let us know, click here.

As it happens, a programme RTÉ’s Irish Language Channel TG4 did a few months ago, will be shown this Tuesday at 9.30 pm and, again, on Friday at 11.05 pm. It will also be available afterwards on TG4’s player.


From: Mail on Sunday TV Guide

I’m going to sleep now for a few hours. Starting tired is not ideal. I know. It’s exactly what happened five years ago. And we didn’t sleep (and eat) for a long time. I am so looking forward to spending this time with Pádraig. Preparing this trip was bordering on the insane. Everything took ages. Doing this in Europe is not easy. Going overseas is a whole different kettle of fish.

But tonight, it’s all looking good. And tomorrow, we’ll have a great and exciting day travelling. Sleep is completely overrated anyways.