Boston and Cape Cod – Pádraig is getting ready to visit.

I don’t know what it’ll be like. Nobody knows. When I close my eyes and think back, i remember that evening in Sanya, I had given a Skyfall-themed presentation, when I got the phone call from home. When we all frantically made arrangements to get to Cape Cod, when US customs officials allowed me to enter the US without a return ticket, and the ICU in Cape Cod Hospital told me to ring them anytime I wanted, day or night. When things were really bad.

Pádraig won’t be going back there walking and talking. But he’ll be able to see where the accident happened. He’ll be able to go to the hospital and see and hear and get to know the place where he spent a bit more than two weeks. Always and literally. On the edge.

Now, we got accommodation organised in Boston for one night only. Because on Tuesday, after our visit to the Attorney General’s office, we’ll drive to Hyannis. On Wednesday, we’ll start our walk at 9 am from Brewster Police Station to the place where the accident happened,

And then, we’ll share one of those famous Cape Cod lobster rolls.