What a night! A 60+ year old man and a 70+ year old woman entertaining a crowd of probably 20,000 people in an open air concert that was just fabulous. Patti Smith sang her heart out. What a beautiful and powerful voice she has! And how powerful the messages of her songs were. It was hard to top.

But Nick Cave did it. Hi range of music is just phenomenal. There was complete and utter chaos rock, gothic destruction and decomposition, and the most of melodic melodies and deep, deep lyrics. Where does this man come from? “Delirious Dublin falls into his arms“, writes the Irish Times.

Pádraig had a great ‘seat’ and really enjoyed the evening. People around us could not have been friendlier and more helpful: offering an umbrella against the sun (!), factor 50 sun cream, and even a pint of lager!

We’re back so late that we will have an hour or so of a lie-in tomorrow morning… and have asked the carers to come a bit later. It was a brilliant evening out, the sunshine was glorious and the craic was mighty! Even when we were leaving, a friend of Pádraig’s came over and put the biggest smile on his face: they had last met in Galway, prior to the accident….

And then, at the very end, two blacked out limos with flashing blue lights came in to collect Leo V., rumours had it.