Our stay in Pforzheim is coming to an end and Pádraig is doing well, demonstrating to his therapists how determined he is to make progress and what that progress looks like for him. During his SLT session to today, he did not only continue to use a straw to drink (still very small sips nut nonetheless…) he also managed to control the different muscles controlling facial expressions much better. He is working hard to produce sound, controlling his breath, making slow but steady progress. For the first time, we seem to manage to walk with Pádraig ourselves, me holding him from the back and someone else helping Pádraig to control his legs. It would be really good if we could walk with him when we are back in Dublin, even for a few minutes every day.

Tomorrow will be a ‘holy day’ here, Corpus Christi. Businesses and shops will be closed. Some therapists will work, but the programme will be reduced. We’ll have a short programme on Friday as we will have to leave at around noon to get to the airport in time.

Time to reflect on our stay here. And on our return to Dublin.