Loads of people went out to Dublin Castle today to watch the count, apparently. One women was handing out After Eights. You have to give it to her. No matter what side of that referendum you were on. That was a really good idea. You wonder why it took someone so long to come up with it.

Pat and I went out with a friend to have dinner and a drink by the river. We had a great night out, with someone staying with Pádraig. To talk, listen, get feed-back is a welcome break from the routine.

And before we went out this evening, we had a brilliant afternoon with two other friends and their three children. We even met three really nice Christian evangelists in the street who asked whether they could pray for Pádraig. They said that they had just prayed for a lady with back-aches. They repeated their prayer three and the aches and pains had disappeared completely. I must say that a lot of this is about expectation management. When they asked Pádraig whether he had noticed a change after the prayer, he very clear said ‘No’. An honest answer. But not the one expected!