It was the coolest of the cool movies that year. (It’s available in German only, I believe.) It had made it to the Cannes Film Festival where it had become an insider indie, one to be seen. At its premiere showing in Dortmund, I managed to get one of those really rare pins they had given out in Cannes, showing the back of that famous truck.

The movie came out a year after my leaving cert. My first year in college. Bochum. Abfahrer. Dortmund. We gotta get out of this place. Raus hier. Getting away. Wherever. Leave the mess behind. I won’t be able to change it anyways so why waste my life trying. And there was a world out there to be discovered. Full of beautiful people. Thinking and living along the same lines. Where did it al end?

The Cannes Film Festival is on these day and the German media was commenting on how things on the red carpet were as ‘glamorous’ as always, despite changes in attitudes happening especially in the USA these days – I was going to say ‘right up to the Presidency’, but that would have been wrong. So wrong.

Pádraig had a multi-disciplinary session today with two physios (not including myself:) and an SLT. Pádraig was standing and the SLT was working with him on breathing and production of sound. Together they managed to help Pádraig to make very low but clearly audible sounds. Pádraig also continued on working with straws and drinks, as well as separating better the way he breathes between his nose and his mouth.

We checked and were told we could stay for that week we were supposed to go to Lourdes, Pádraig will have an extra week (except Pentecost Monday) of therapy which is good news – although we’re all still in a bit of a shock following the cancellation of our train by the railway workers on strike in France.