Two days to go and Pádraig will be off to Pforzheim in Germany for four weeks of intensive neuro rehab, interrupted by his fourth trip on the pilgrims’ train to Lourdes for Pentecost. We have one day left, tomorrow, to get organised.

We picked a nice quiet hour for our trip to Germany, 7am on a Sunday, which sounded ok when we booked it. Two days before we’ll go onto that trip and a thousand things to sort out before we go, thinking about the reality of all of us getting up at 4am and driving to the airport in the middle of the night – well, it’s not worth thinking about because that’s just the way it’s going to be. Two hours flight, hoping we’ll get there on time to catch our train to Karlsruhe where we’ll change trains to Pforzheim. It’ll be an early night on Sunday:)

Forgot to mention that the plan is to celebrate Pádraig’s birthday this year in the Conradh, on Saturday, 9th June. The place is booked and we checked that we’ll be able to get his wheelchair down the steps. In the place of all places. For the night of all nights. For one night only.

Keep the date!