Did you know that the maximum weight you can legally pick up from the ground is 5kg  if you are a woman and 8kg if you are a man? It’s the end of the weekly shopping trip to the supermarket, that’s for sure.

I learned this today in my “Manual Handling” course — though not the bit about the end of the weekly shopping trip. When I carefully interjected the idea that if you are working on a building site you are supposed to pick up bricks, I was told that this was going to end soon, at least in the case of the heavy bricks.

So patients with a severe acquired brain injury can not really expect much ‘manual handling’ from carers and therapists – at least not if it involves lifting. Manual transfers are a big ‘no no’.

One reason why there will never be an Irish ‘Pforzheim’ – at least not if you follow the rules.

Talking about rules — we received news from Dublin City Corporation’s planners: they have decided to allow us to re-furbish the 100 year-old tobacco factory, BUT we will have to apply for planning permission for ‘change of use’. Because of the incredibly long, complex, and expensive process that would involve, the idea of the An Saol Project using these premises has hit a serious obstacle. So serious, it could mean the end of that idea.

Not something to ponder about late at night… at least not if you want to get some sleep!