A funny day. Happy on one hand. Furious and really annoyed on the other. I almost want to forget about the really annoying aspect, but at the same time I am not sure whether that would be wise either.

It must have been the hottest day of the year so far. Sunshine. Sitting out in the garden with a piece of lovely cake and a drink. Who could ask for more? It was one of those afternoons when everything else fades into nothingness and the sun, the warm air, the birds, and the wind in the trees and the bushes bring unspoiled happiness. No bothers, life couldn’t be better. For us. For Pádraig.

It made me (almost) forget that I had written an email in the morning saying that a service that doesn’t deliver what it undertook (and is paid for) to deliver is in breach of contract when it doesn’t deliver that service for more than two years and when it reduces that service, when it should increase it, without any notice. Efforts to improve have not worked while the aspects that we have started to organise have been working pretty well.

So, really, I want to stop trying to fix what obviously cannot be fixed and push forward what I know does work. Makes complete sense, common sense, to me. But in practice, people, some people, don’t necessarily see it in the same way. The question is: how much do I care about that!?