It’s hard for Pádraig to lift up his leg from the ground up when he is sitting in his chair. Try it out yourself and you’ll find out what I mean.

It’s quite a bit harder for him to lift his leg up from the ground in stages. 1-2-3 going up, and 4-5-6 going down. Try it. It’s hard.

Yet, this is exactly what he did today. Not just once or twice, but a few times. For the first time ever. Another first.


As if that hadn’t been enough, he started to move his arms (almost) by himself when he was using the arm trainer in the MOTOMed. A little bit more than a year ago, we had a discussion with a few important people telling us that using the arm trainer would damage Pádraig’s shoulders.

Sometimes, it’s better to question what important people are telling you. And sometimes, you’re better off ignoring what they’re telling you.