Just arrived in Germany’s secret capital. As always, not all things went as they should have. There was a last minute gate change and instead of docking on a bridge, the plane parked in the middle of the airfield. They wanted to carry Pádraig down the stairs of the plane because it was too late for lifter vehicles or because there was light snowfall or … The police had closed and we could not get into my fatherland until they reopened the border crossing for us. Once we were in, we spotted our two lonely bags in this massive now empty hall, luckily still around.

45 minutes on the S-Bahn. Looking for a lift on the wrong side of the platform, jumping through a train to get to the other side, locating the lift, bringing us out of the station.

When we arrived at the hotel, the lift was too small and there was almost no room to squeeze the wheelchair into the room. The area, just beside Central Station, is interesting, to put it mildly. It’s snowing outside.

The important thing is: we made it. And even more importantly: Pádraig is having a ball travelling and camping out in cheap hotels.