There was no ‘Thursday with Pádraig’ yesterday, none of his friends could make it. But, there was, instead, a ‘Friday with Pádraig’ tonight when one of his old friends called to the house with some of the most delicious food and a bottle of red wine (which neither Pádraig nor I were allowed to get even a sip of!).

And then we got a text from Pádraig’s sister that she was going to be on the air on 105.2, the frequency for Radio Rī Rá during the weeks surrounding Lá Fhéile Pádraig. It was a brilliant programme, with tons or super-cool music, and really happy chat (as far as I could tell:). Pádraig even got a mention.

This is what he used to do before the accident, and the kind of thing he really, really enjoyed and was so enthusiastic about. So I asked him at the end of the programme whether he thought that his sister had done a good job. He put on a huge smile and said ‘yes’. I asked him whether he thought she had done a better job than he would have done, and there was an even bigger smile and another, very definitive ‘yes’.

I’ll leave it here…