This is definitely not: RocketScience. But it is great fun. Using your fingers. Clicking on a screen. Making pictures appear on that screen. Matching them up. Collecting points. We’ll do the RocketScience next week. And stick with the fun this week.

It’s one of these things. You see stuff. You’re getting excited. This is something we definitely should be doing. You have great plans. You want to try it. You’re even getting prepared and set stuff up. And then life takes over. And other stuff happens. And you feel bad because you had great plans. And they’re not materialising because you don’t do anything about them.

Well, yesterday I did something about one of my great plans (that hadn’t materialised because I hadn’t done anything about it). I texted a friend, did a few searches, went to online stores and downloaded apps we though Pádraig could use. We’re not familiar enough with them yet. But if today’s first trial is anything to go by, this is definitely something he is enjoying tremendously. He didn’t stop smiling.

He knows that this is not RocketScience. And it doesn’t have to be, for the time being. Because this is about him doing things he hasn’t been doing for years. And now he is able to do them again. What a happy afternoon for all! It really rocked!