Here are Pádraig and his tin whistle. Not much of a song yet, but first steps.

There are days when I am either much more alert (and out and about) or when the moot unbelievable things just happen. Like: Dublin Airport “connecting the world” when it was doing the opposite; or the German Der Spiegel giving out about the Diesel scandal and the tobacco industry, opposite a huge one-page ad for Camel;Amazon apparently selling $260m a pop Airbus 330 planes (more likely: an automatic adaptation gone completely bonkers); the airport cleaned of snow, except for the Aer Lingus planes…; the spotless Lidl car park when drivers could hardly get into Woodies, just on the opposite side of the rod;

Oh – I made it back to Dublin very early this morning, on an A330 Airbus by Lufthansa, when the Aer Lingus planes were still covered by snow.