It’s when you think all is working out that things turn around 180 degrees. What a happy day it seemed to be this morning when my plane left at a ridiculously early hour and got me to Frankfurt in time for the 12th annual brain injury after-care congress.

I just checked tomorrow’s flight back home to Dublin and discovered that Dublin Airport will be closed altogether. The country will be in lock-down tomorrow. And guess what: Saturday’s flights are all sold out. Will I have to stay in my Heimat for a while?

In the meantime, it got this brilliant photo of Pádraig enjoying the snow.

Apparently, he threw a snowball at his sister… seriously!

I know that the probability of someone from Aer Lingus reading this is slim, never mind someone from Lufthansa. But just in case… I could need some help to get back home so as not to leave them on their own.