There’s nothing like a good plan. Of course, it will change the minute you’ll be trying to implement and follow it. But what the heck? We’d be lost without them. The idea to put some structure into our lives, some goals into our work, and belief that there is a way to achieve them that we can map out.

Part of our plan for Pádraig is now to work with him on spelling – though ‘work’ is not what it should be. It should be fun, it should allow more participation and inclusion.

Today, he shared with us the names of the two favourite songs by two of his favourite bands. We even managed to find them on youtube and played them for him.

I got word today that the lift into the FABrík got fixed! Isn’t that nice of the landlord to get it completely reset and to get a new shutter motor installed just so that we can bring Pádraig into that space that will soon be converted into the most amazing day centre on the planed: designed and run by Dreamboaters!