What are the three billboard outside Ebbing, Missouri, all about? For the first time in a long time, Pádraig went to the cinema this afternoon, organised by one of his friend. Pádraig really likes Martin McDonagh, the author and director of the movie we went to see. He has watched in Brugge so often that he knows the dialogue off by heart.

Three Billboards has a similar kind of humour a sense of tragedy, mixed with some pretty violent scenes, as In Brugge. Coming out of the movie, I was wondering what it is all about. Tonight, I think it is all about the all consuming rage a person can feel in the face of incredible injustice. It is about doing something, better: *anything*, to disrupt the deafening consensus in our society. It is about a demonstration of how an all-consuming desire for revenge can isolate those who seek it from everybody around them.

There were times when I thought, I will be paying the rent for billboards to ask the questions about young people kept in nursing homes as if they were already dead, with not a chance in a million given to recover. To the contrary. I have felt this outrage myself.

The message of the movie, well: one message of the movie, is that this outrage just leads to more injustice and violence.

My lesson from the movie: rather than attacking something ‘bad’ (which can feel quite liberating) support ‘good’ alternatives and demonstrate how than can work.

If we make An Saol a success there will be no going back – and no need to attack the existing alternatives. Because they will just disappear.