It was really hard to get up this morning. I haven’t figured out what it was, but whatever it was, the beds and blankets and linen were just perfect. Leaving all this behind was a major act of mind over matter. And then – we had to get out of the hotel, passing Udo’s mega painting, walk to the train station, through the snow, get on the S1, the check-in, onto the plane. This is when plans started not to work out. A very heavy snow shower covered Hamburg Airport. Luckily, they managed to clear at least one runway. Once the plane was de-iced, we could finally take of.

We were several hours late getting to Dublin. I went home to get Pádraig’s car.

Not sure whether you know this feeling when you click the key, they lights of the car should go on and it should unlock the doors. I clicked and clicked and clicked and nothing happened. Turned out I had forgotten to turn off the light of the belt unlocking system for the wheelchair and I had drained the battery. Got that sorted eventually and managed to get the rest of the family home.

Just half an hour later, Pádraig had a physio session. He did so well that we all were really amazed by his moves. Look at that foot-work. Yes, he has been able for some time to lift up his legs, and down, and up – one the legs were already off the ground. But today, he lifted up foot and leg right from the floor and up into the air. Is that a first? I think it id.

Tonight, having finally had my birthday cake and a special dinner (“Nachfeier”) my eyes keep closing while I’m trying to write this.

Once I keep going, all is good. Once I stop, I nearly collapse. It’s when it’s over that the exhaustion kicks in. I’ll stop right here and now and have an early night