Today was a ‘slow day’. Although it didn’t start like it. Pádraig had a therapy session in the morning, so we had to get ready relatively early (relative to our otherwise lazy mornings).

You know that feeling when you see someone who knows what they are doing really really well, doing that with all their heart and mind, with an incredible energy, enthusiasm and kindness? These are rare moments. And when you encounter them, they are really really special.

That board on the picture above is ‘home made’. The red and black ‘sticks’ are empty containers of medicine used to vaccinate cows on farms (if I understood everything correctly). It’s ingenious.

Pádraig enjoyed that session and the change from his ‘normal’ routine.

There are times when I’m desperate for routine. I dream of it and wonder, why on earth our life, my life, cannot be planned, predicted, or shaped in a more ‘ordinary’ or ‘routine’ kind of way. – Today was one of these days when I was really happy that we were not stuck to a routine.