How on earth did this happen? – Check out that picture. Have a close look at it. Pádraig’s left foot is on the footrest (well, kind of…). However, his right foot is on the ground and the footplate on which his foot is supposed to be resting is tilted up. Now, none of us did this. We were going in and out of the room, giving him a drink, something to eat, getting ready to get his teeth washed when, all of a sudden, one of us noticed his foot on the ground with the footrest tilted up.

The only explanation we have is that he got tired of having his feet on these footrests, so he took his right foot up and left it on the ground. He must then have lifted his foot up and pushed the footrest out of the way.

Which is what any of us would have done – but Pádraig never ever had done anything like it, never mind out of his own initiative.

This being Sunday, we had a lie in in the morning. Pádraig just got up in time for a very dear visitor who helped him with some exercises, he had something to eat and then went out with us (the snow had just stopped:) towards the seafront. We went into a restaurant and had “Kaffeetrinken”, no coffee for the man himself, but freshly made waffles with ice-cream, cream, and hot cherries – which he finished all!

Tonight, the foot on the ground and the footplate lifted up in the air remain a mystery. But, honestly, how brilliant can it get!?