Everybody knows is one of my favourite songs. The thing is that while everybody knows I wouldn’t have expected everybody to agree. Consensus while it sounds great really is the end of a healthy dissent, of people holding different opinions, of people opening up the debate with their weird and wonderful opinions.

There was a point in a discussion where I wondered why on earth people could not see the world as I did, why people could not just be like myself. Life would be so easy, so good and without trouble.

What an idiotic thought that was. Because in order to question what I do, I need people to be of a different opinion. And I need to be questions to reflect on what I am doing to do what I do better. Life would not only be terribly boring if we all agreed, it would also quickly deteriorate and quickly become insufferable.

Pádraig went out today to celebrate his grandaunts birthday. Tomorrow he’ll be at a small party to celebrate life with a person nearing the end of her life. We meant to go to the tradfest taking place in Dublin these days but haven’t managed to go. We need to go out more. Be with other people. Which is what life is all about.

And we need to break the consensus. We need to question what is going on around us. All the time. And if our commons sense tells us that something doesn’t make sense, then it doesn’t. And we shouldn’t agree with it.