You know that your body supposedly produces endorphins, this morphin-like substance, that makes you feel really great during and after strenuous exercise. I’ve started ‘running’ again and this morning, while making my way to the sea front, I suddenly realised the reason why this is so. My brain just protects my body from this terrible pain caused by trying to become fit and healthy. It’s so funny! I’m doing so much damage to my body that I produce a kind of drug to protect me from the pain! Incredible!

After a long break, Pádraig went to the pool again this afternoon. He really really enjoyed that and when we tried our series of exercises  he did something that he hadn’t ever done before. He put one foot in front of the other and, taking small steps, he walked from one side of the pool to the other, moving his feet and legs all by himself, straightening them as he went along, standing up the whole time, with me just supporting him from behind. It was a first I couldn’t get over and one that made me so happy and proud. Pádraig was pretty impressed himself and tremendously happy that he had been able to do this.

We’ll keep trying this and one day, he’ll do it outside of the water! Step by step.

And while he keeps trying, I will keep trying to get ready for the next marathon. Producing humungous amounts of endorphins and other substances to protect me from the pain I’m subjecting my body to:)