Everybody feels different about Christmas, from it marking the birth of Jesus Christ to presenting an opportunity for taking time off to reflect, to chill out. I don’t know how many people who wished me a Happy Christmas this year added: I hope you’ll find some time to just sit back and relax.

It has been anything but. I don’t remember a time when we ever had so many people in the house so many times within just a week or two. It was incredible. From Pádraig’s Christmas Party to our Irish and German families meeting up for the first time in many many years.

Pádraig was in the middle of all this beautiful mayhem. He ate and drank what we ate and drunk. There was absolutely no routine. There was not a sign of organised therapy.

Yet, I think that this was not only the very best Christmas he ever had, but the very best few weeks, with so many friends and family, spending time with him and us and with each other.