A friend of Pádraig’s one evening came and brought some incense and an oil lamp. It was dark outside and in Pádraig’s room. He prepared everything to sit on the floor beside Pádraig’s bed to meditate with Pádraig. The door to the kitchen is just a wooden sliding door which isn’t anything proof, meaning light, smells and noise pass from the kitchen into Pádraig’s room. Someone in the kitchen said ‘sorry, I’ll be making a bit of noise here while I’m cooking but I’ll be finished in a few minutes’. To which Pádraig’s friend answered ‘don’t worry, you can make as much noise as you like, it won’t make a difference to me’.

I will try to be a bit more like this. I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it, what I need to do almost independent of the ‘noise’ around me. I don’t need the ‘ideal’ circumstances to allow me to do this. They might never materialise. I can meditate in the middle of kitchen chaos, I can run when it rains, I can work on stuff others don’t believe in, I can be nice and reasonable when someone is driving me nuts. Sure, there will be setbacks and I’m convinced that friend of Pádraig’s didn’t manage immediately to meditate amidst the chaos of life. It takes practice. I’m starting to practice tonight.