For some reason, I’ve been feeling edgy for the last few days. I have this list of stuff to do. A list I put together last week. The list is a long as my arm. All important things. All need to be done. Not tomorrow, not next week or next year, but now. Urgently.

The problem is: no-one, not the best organised or capable person in the world could possibly do all those important and urgent things on that list. It’s impossible. Yet, I keep working on it. Trying not to become overwhelmed. And keep going

Pádraig went back to the CRC today to get a new table with an integrated switch. If it works as planned, it’ll be fantastic.

It became so clear today that what stands in Pádraig’s way, what makes it so difficult for him to communicate, is not a lack of ability. The barrier is access to services that would assist him to overcome whatever restrictions there are.

It’s as simple as that.

Knowing this and not providing him with this access is against any common sense. In fact, I would say it’s denying him his basic human right.