One night last week when one song brought on another, I kept a couple that I wanted to share. So here are the fabulous Moody Blues with The Story in your Eyes and Dutch band “Focus” with the truly (literally) incredible Hocus Pocus.

I can make some sense out of The Story in your Eyes and can really relate to  the lyrics:

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We are part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

But – what do you make out of this:

I mean – “Full lyrics on Google Play Music”??? I’d love to see the rest of these ‘lyrics’!!?? The thing is: no member of the Moody Blues would ever have managed to roll his eyes like Thijs van Leer on ‘vox’, flute and organ did, when he psyched himself up during this breathtaking live performance.

Around Pádraig it feels like everybody is packing up their bags. There is an exodus of therapists and carers out of Ireland that is unreal. It’ll be interesting to see how he and us are going to cope. A surprise is unlikely, but might not be completely out of the question: maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a brilliant, very normal, time. In good company, with late lie-ins, nice walks along the sea or in the mountains (well, what passes as ‘mountains’ here). On the other hand, it could mean complete melt down and final burn out. “Wir lassen uns überraschen”, we’re looking forward to be surprised, as the old German saying goes. (Not that Germans really like surprises.)

Finally, a journalist published a piece in  The Irish Daily Star on 20 November, the day Pádraig became famous on RTÉ One during Science Week. She was so kind to send it on.