I only heard great things about Pádraig’s morning sessions, with a physio standing in for his ‘normal’ one who is away and an ingenious PhD student working with him on brain control ‘stuff’. All that while I was away on a course with the HSE finding out more about the details of 2018 Service Agreements. – All in all, I think a drew the short straw this morning:) Although the good news is that we are now almost at a pint where An Saol’s pilot is about to start in earnest!

The poster – or is it an inform? – was tweeted recently by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It made me smile. Imagine: there is a right to health which means that there should be universal health coverage that is affordable, timely, of good quality, acceptable and appropriate. Without being cynical, I’ll put all of that on the list that they guy with the big white beard is going to check twice…

Somebody must have done a bit of work on our behalf because today, I received a long, a really long, personal letter from the Irish Minister of Finance in which he tells me that he has checked with his colleagues, the Minister for Health and the Minister for Disabilities and that they have assured him that work is on the way to provide better neuro-rehabilitation services. He invites me to contact him to clarify any questions I might have in relation to this.

I surely will. Contact him.

After all, he’s the man holding the key, well – the purse strings that would allow us converting the WHO aspiration into reality.