It wasn’t the full Padmasana but he got pretty close! We have been doing exercises with Pádraig on a floor matt for quite some time and the other day we checked out whether he was ready for some yoga. He was! Isn’t that amazing?

Tonight, the Board of the An Saol Foundation heard about their architects’ plans to develop the premises it has been looking at since the summer. It also considered some research collaboration with a Dublin university. There was a real sense of progress and the beginning of a development that will change the way we will look at rehabilitation for survivors of very severe acquired brain injury.

PS: As a follow up to last night’s post. Check out the definitive version of the brilliant Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. Turn up the volume, let down your hair and go with the music. No matter what we get out of this, I know, I know we’ll never forget. (With a legendary hammond organ solo by John Lord at the end.)