Juan is a good old friend of one of Pádraig’s good old friends. His name is a bit of a give-away: yes, he is Spanish originally. Which is important. Juan is also a cook. Which is equally important. That’s as much though as I know about him. Which is not that much. Though it is probably more than he knows about us and what his perfect, freshly prepared Spanish food has done for us and especially for Pádraig.

Here’s a bit of a selection of what Pádraig’s friend brought along tonight.

We briefly contemplated it but just couldn’t do it: mincing this perfect taste and these perfect textures fro Spain. So we gave it to Pádraig as it is. And guess what – it wasn’t a problem for him whatsoever!

On one hand, this demonstrates the obvious: Pádraig is getting really good and so much better with eating and drinking. On the other hand, it demonstrates that if something is nice, if you’re motivated enough to do it, to succeed, you can do it. Whatever it is.