What the world needs now.

I heard it on the radio this morning and listened to it again this evening. There is hope, and not only hope, but conviction that the world can change and that if we put our minds to it, we can make it happen.

I know. It sounds corny. Like world peace.

But contrast this with what passes as reality, the reality presented to us on the news.

There will always be people who will rob, steal, cheat, take advantage of others, live the good life at our expense. There will always be people who believe that the status quo is ok, even it that means loads of homeless, sick and lonely people (where do they all come from?) being ignored and left at their own devices. It is up to us to make sure that our representatives don’t just make statements but lay down the rules and making sure their are observed.

How can it be right that a man who sexually assaulted residents in a nursing home and uploaded footage of these assaults to Facebook got a suspended sentence? Imagine if someone had uploaded footage of sexually assaulting the son or daughter of one of our politicians.

Pádraig is really enjoying the good weather these days, going out for walks, getting loads of fresh air. Pat as well went out for her first, short walk today. Really, really good and encouraging.

Also encouraging: we’re getting closer to making the An Saol Project a reality. We have costings for the refurbishment of the premises we have been looking at for the past weeks and a specialised company will start working on fire certification and planning permissions.

What the world, my world, needs now.