It was a mixed up day. We got up too early, routine went out the window, time seemed to move back and forth. Now, that the day is over, I am happy it is and that all’s well.

Pat went into hospital for a procedure and will stay there a few days. Pádraig had a few visitors and family helpers who went out for a walk with him and helped with breakfast and lunch.

I got a phone call from the mother whose daughter survived a very severe brain injury ten years ago. She had read the article I wrote for the German magazine “Not” (nothing got to do with the English “not”:). She said that there were massive similarities between what happened to her daughter and how they were trying to deal with the situation and what happened to Pádraig. She and her other children are therapists. She invited us over to her house, to stay with her for free, to exchange experiences and to learn from each other. They live in the eastern part of Germany, in the countryside.

I didn’t have the time to tell Pádraig about the invitation yet, but I am sure he’ll go for it! What an opportunity to help each other out. To get to know like-minded people. To learn, to travel, to have fun, and to share positive energy.

Which brings me back to the last few days. I really do have to remind myself to invest all my energy into good stuff. Into work that really will affect change for Pádraig, for us, for other survivors and their families and for society. This will only happy in a positive way. Trying to convince people who won’t change and don’t want to will only result in bitterness, frustration and often almost unbearable stress – and who would want that?