A few days ago, Pádraig got this new switch that sits between his thumb and index finger. It’s just another sign of the huge progress he is making that he is now able to consistently use his thumb to press that switch. It’s so much lighter, so much less in-the-way than the yellow one he is using at the moment with his foot. It doesn’t beep, it doesn’t give auditory feedback, but it’s connected to the Tobii computer (and its Communicator 5 software).

For the first time, I managed today to add a ‘page set’ (that box with all the pictures in it) and edit an existing one. I’m so proud of myself:)

Tomorrow morning, really early, before the rain and the wind, Pádraig, a HEP and myself be driving up to Wicklow to meet some new Dreamboaters, absolutely mad people: film makers, drone pilots, a professor, and an incredibly nice lady giving us access to her gorgeous house.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen there, but I’m curious and can’t wait to find out.