When the iconic Village Voice published, after a 62-year long proud record as the “cultural touchstone for the progressive thought”, according to The Guardian, their last print edition last Thursday, they picked a picture of Bob Dylan in Christopher Park near the old Voice offices off Sheridan Square, January 22, 1965, as their cover photo.

They also included images of the “infamous denizens of the downtown realm”, William Burroughs (with sword), the Beastie Boys, Madonna, and Jack Kerouac.

An institution died and disappeared from the streets (and its famous red distribution boxes) passing on into the digital world where it will continue its life.

I’ve often thought that this will, ultimately, be our fate as well: we’ll disappear from the streets and continue life in a digital world where our physical bodies will become superfluous and, eventually, an obstacle in our quest for adventure, excitement, and life style, the good things in life – who would look for the ‘bad’ things?

But here is the problem: life isn’t always good. And it’s being able to deal with the difficult aspects of life that allows us to grow. (Although there is a thin line between ‘growing’ because of a challenge and complete system failure leading to disaster.)

For the first time in months, we had a carer coming in on a Saturday. Although it was only for an hour, it was great and allowed Pádraig to have a shower and spend a bit of time in his standing bed. It allowed one of us to do some work that had to be done today somewhere else.

And last but not least: for the first time since his accident, Pádraig had a bit of steak, cut in fine slices, but not minced!