If it’s worthwhile, do it slowly; simple; and in style.

This is what Mr Zapp’s grandfather told his grandson. And this is what Mr Zapp and his wife have been doing over the past 17 years as they have been traveling the world in a 90 year old car. Mr Zapp says, there is no way you could drive that car at speed. The mechanics of the car are so simple you could get it fixed literally anywhere in the world; and, he said, look at it – could you imagine anything more stylish than this beautiful old car? – They had four kids in the process who are now traveling with them and who they school as they travel along.

We haven’t been traveling the world.

But there is an elegance and a style, a very personal ‘stamp’ Pádraig has been putting on his recovery. His very slow recovery. In a simple, uncomplicated, straight forward way. Yesterday, he stood up, with a bit of help, and held his head up high, without any help. Even though he managed to do this for only a few seconds. Today, when we went swimming, he stood up high and tall in the water, holding on to the side bar of the pool with his hands, and pushing his heels firmly down into the bottom of the pool – and he did this not just once but three times. Elegantly, slowly, and simply just standing up.