Moving through. Whatever barrier there is. Don’t let it stop you. Just keep going. Look at this sculpture. Isn’t it amazing?

I hadn’t expected to find this in the Botanic Gardens. It must be sculpture week because there’s almost more sculptures than trees in the Botanics this week. It’s fantastic. And it’s free.

There was another sculpture that really caught my eye and it is one that consists of a row of bottles that are being used to feed people directly into their stomach. I immediately recognised the shape and the colour of the top. We went over, looked at it and read the explanation by the artist explaining that each of these bottle represents a day of struggle and hope that things would get better for her baby who was born prematurely.

Eventually, we got soaked. The rain was torrential. Both Pádraig and myself smiled. What a great feeling: the rain on your skin, the wind blowing into your face so hard that you just about manage to breathe, the smell, the noise, the feel…. Isn’t life great!