Got a good reason for taking the easy way out – to Djouce, a hilly wooded area a bit more than half an hour’s drive from our house in Co. Wicklow. (If you have a few minutes, watch the original video of the “Day Tripper” from 1965, which was – for whatever reason – uploaded just a couple of weeks ago. The moves during the intro are absolutely hilarious.)

The day felt a bit like the Camino: a long, quiet walk with tons of fresh air, with few people around, fantastic smells from the trees and the grass around us, good conversations and never-ending time.

In fact, it was so nice that we decided that we’ll be going on Day Trips every Saturday, weather permitting, into ‘nature’. There must be gazillions of trails and walks in and around Dublin just waiting to be discovered. And there is nothing like a bit of a distance, from where the world looks blue and green, where there is harmony, and where there’re voices of hope and peace. – God is watching us. From a distance.