Another visitor. Another really great physio session. Pádraig is having good days these days. If we could get the necessary routine and reliability into other areas of his day I could almost see how we could work on his rehab, get through the day, make progress – and not being stressed out. I’m sure that one day we’ll get there.

India, Spain, Jordan, Waterford – all sorts or strange and wonderful places are destinations for some of Pádraig’s friends who are everything but settled down. It’s the travel, the change, the “I won’t tie myself down” attitude to life that reminds me of my reluctance to take up a mortgage. Taking out a loan, spend the money and then returning it for most of your life was not what I grew up with. In my ‘world’, I was taught to save and then spend. There was no dependency on a bank’s interest rate, or on anyone who might decide to call in the debt. There was no dependency on anyone.

I still like that feeling. It makes you responsible. It requires you to be active and take charge. It is a proud kind of thing. It’s a “I don’t have to wait for others to make things happen, I can do it myself” kind of thing.

Of course, we always need others to help us. And they will. If they see us stop making excuses, taking responsibility, if they see us stop making excuses, and if they see us doing the right thing with all of our heart and deep convictions.

Who would not want to take responsibility and do the right thing?