We’ve had a really nice, quiet afternoon and evening. Relaxed, good-humoured, assisted by one of Pádraig’s carers and the regular ‘Monday evening with Pádraig’ visitor, back from holidays.

It was almost beautiful. Something not to be disturbed.

Of course, we know, I know and you know too, that life is not like that, not like that at all. But this afternoon, this evening, we enjoyed the moment.,

Someone I talked to today asked me three times whether I was positive about the future of care for survivors of brain injury. I am, I answered, in situations where you and I, people who truly care, are in charge. Because we will not tolerate mediocrity.

Large systems, large institutions, develop a dynamics of their own and are difficult, if not impossible, to control. And while I care about these, I am not so optimistic or positive about them. And I wonder whether they can be changed at all.

But about what we do, I am a Dreamboater. Not just optimistic, but convinced that, no doubt, no doubt at all, we will succeed in what we believe in: Compassion, justice, transparency.

We will not allow people with a severe acquired brain injury to be left behind and to just rot away or being treated badly, just because they cannot defend themselves. No way José:) Load and clearly and unambiguously.