For a change, I felt on top of the world! Hey, we all need days like these! Look at this view.

It just gives away a hint of the idea. From here, you can see most of North Dublin and, actually, across up to the Dublin Mountains. For those of us not from Dublin: these are more hills than mountains, but it’s all a matter of perspective, so it is. You wouldn’t notice them in the Alps. Here, they are huge.

The rooftop is part of premises I looked at today. Even the fact that something like this  is available made my heart jump. It might not work out at all, but today it felt like many things started to come together.

And here is the lesson I learnt today. Stuff that seems huge, almost unsurmountable, can turn out tiny if looked at from a different perspective. And even when you really think you’re about to loose your head because a situation, or even life itself, seems to be so unbelievably complex, complicated, unresolvable, and plain hard – the skies can open, the sun can shine, and you can find yourself on top of a building looking out onto the horizon, thinking: well, things might work out after all.

Even it is just for a moment.